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Hey there, I’m Joshua Syberg. I’m a photographer working and living in Indiana.


… and that’s when I was completely frozen in place by a mix of fear and wild fascination by the sight of the Indonesian tiger ripping the soldier apart. Oops sorry, I got sidetracked. Any who, I am absolutely in love with the art of photography and have been since I can remember. I am a community outreach coordinator and journalist for the Indiana National Guard. All of these things have taken me all over the world. From the volcanos of the South Pacific to the castles of Eastern Europe.


There is no right way to do art. If anyone tells you otherwise, screw them.

- Paula Rogers


Photography is my passion. It gives me the ability to tell important stories from around the world. Stories that have the chance to become an important part of our countries history. Thank you for stepping into my artistic neighborhood.


Much love,